The Key Elements of Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity is an emerging field of study; therefore, it is bountiful with research topics. The term cybersecurity refers to the general body of technologies and practices used for the protection of computer systems, applications, and data from unauthorized access, attack, theft or any kind of damage. In the context of computing, cybersecurity is used as an umbrella term subsuming both cyber and physical security.

The protection of computer networks from internal and external threats requires comprehensive and coordinated efforts. The key elements of cybersecurity are:

The related topic worth researching are:

Four Cybersecurity Research Areas

It is possible to broadly categorize cybersecurity research areas into four major groups:

  1. Authentication, authorization, and accountability

Multifactor authentication, passwords, PINS, biometrics (fingerprint, iris scan, facial geometry, etc.), IP/MAC address, autonomic authorization, access control models, and non-repudiation.

  1. Communication and network security

IoT security, network security protocols, firewalls, IDS, network attacks and countermeasures, data loss prevention, wireless network security, secure communication channels, and cloud security.

  1. Security testing and verification

Software security testing, security assurance programs, malware code analysis, vulnerability scoring systems, penetration testing of networks and components, resilience testing, code and hardware security verification, and quantum computing testing.

  1. Socio-technical security

Socio-technical security requirements, socio-technical implications of malware dissemination, cybercrime, user-centered security design flaws, self-adaptive security, security usability, socio-technical security metrics, human-related risks, attacker models, and trust management.

There’s a large number of topics for research in the context of cybersecurity. Regardless of a topic you choose for your paper, make sure to include key vulnerabilities associated with a selected cybersecurity area and how they can be exploited to carry out a malicious attack. Other cybersecurity implications to consider in your paper are mitigation of risks and safeguarding of sensitive information. You can also discuss resources and infrastructures needed to implement effective cybersecurity programs.

Strong cybersecurity measures necessitate the comprehensible assessment of system vulnerabilities and user education. Make sure your paper provides insights into the role of users in eliminating security threats in a computer network. You might also discuss training that is necessary to familiarize users with common cybersecurity threats and foster awareness regarding the importance of sensible security behavior.

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